Via Nuova

There is nothing new about the name "Via Nuova". This 1.25 acre vineyard acquired it's name many years ago (over a hundred) when a new road was built next to and continuing behind the winery. The new road was named "Via Nuova" and so became the name of the vineyard. It is the lower part of the bigger hill named Terlo. This piece of the property has a south-southeast esposure and an altitude that goes from 350 to 400 meters above sea level.
It's soil is composed of gray silt loam with parts that are clay free.
This particular esposition, united with the microclimate of the area, give the grapes a profume and scents that are absolutely unique. The wine that comes from this vineyard needs more time to open up and to reach the full maturation, because of this it is aged in bottles for a longer period before releasing.

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