From all the vines of this high level, Cannubi can boast of centuries old fame. The oldest known bottle of the Langa, infact, has a label that says "Cannubi 1732". The name Cannubi has always served to give importance to the wineries of the area, like a true and real mark of quality. It is interesting to note, that in the past, the producers always used the grapes provided from this hill in blends with others much less prestigious, so much so that the Cantina Sociale di Barolo, fonded in 1902 (and closed in 1930 due to an economic crisis), produced only Barolo of first, second and third selections. Naturally Cannubi with considered the first.
The vineyard elevation lies between 185 and 350 meters above sea level.
The terrain has a rather gentle slope, it is arid and lean and mainly composed of silt loam(Terziario-Miocene) with the presence of sand. This particular composition of terrain, united by the micro-climate of the zone are the fundamental components to obtain grapes that express themselves in elegant wine that one can drink well from the first year of bottling.

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